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About Us

Gaming Hound

Gaming Hound is a small, independent, UK based business on it's way to becoming the UK's premium online gaming retailer. 

Gaming Hound is a business designed by gamers for gamers. We work tirelessly to source the newest stock possible at the most affordable prices we can manage. We are challenging the status quo of online department stores using the gaming category, with little understanding or care for the products, purely as a profit making machine.

Born in the heart of Bolton, Gaming Hound will always remain loyal to UK based gamers and help you find an online gaming retailer who cares more about the customers as opposed to a bottom line profit.

We hope you enjoy our online space and become part of the Gaming Hound Family through our newsletter to keep up to date with our exciting journey. As we grow our focus will always remain loyal to your gaming needs.

Thank you for staying loyal to the game!