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Atomic Heart Out Now

Atomic Heart Out Now

Atomic Heart Official Launch Friday 24th February 2023!

Watch the official trailer here!

Developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment alongside 4Divinity, Atomic Heart looks to provide an arsenal of weapons and powers to help you carve through an uncanny, yet brutally efficient army of deadly robots — finding the truth behind this so-called ‘utopia’.

Set in an alternate 1950’s Soviet Union, the automatons that so diligently worked in humanity’s stead have become a marauding menagerie of mechanical horrors, supported by a host of biomechanical abominations.  As agent P-3, leave a path of blood and bolts to discover what is really going on.


The ideological narrative, a collection of elemental character powers, all set in an eerie locale that tries to show perfection while hiding its vast corruption. If this is all feels reminiscent of the Bioshock series, you’re not alone.


Even the greatest impersonator is only the best mimic of the original, and political action thrillers like the BioShock and Metro series had more than just the setting and a few book quotes going for them. The question is, can Atomic Heart define itself as something unique?


What is unique however, is the reputation it’s garnered. Both as a promising FPS focusing on a fictional Soviet Union, and for its ties to the non-fictional Russia.


Between ambiguous tweets surrounding the current Russia-Ukraine war and securing funding though controversial investors, Mundfish looks precariously balanced on a tightrope between Cyprus and Moscow.


Can Atomic Heart distance itself from its origins and inspirations, or will it be seen as a clone playing second fiddle?


I’ll update you all soon on my gaming experience of Atomic Heart. You can follow my Gaming Hound exclusive content here. 


Focus Entertainment and Mundfish announced the game will be available on all consoles, digital and disc for PS5, PS4, and Xbox, RRP £59.99.


Want to see for yourself? Find it here at Gaming Hound


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