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Jack Prince
Atomic Heart Review: Usually Satisfying, Sometimes Rough
For a game that was revealed in 2018, I don’t know if Mundfish could have chosen a worse release date for a game based around an alternate history where a Soviet-Russian utopia has the west at its mercy.
Atomic Heart Out Now
Atomic Heart looks to provide an arsenal of weapons and powers to help you carve through an uncanny, yet brutally efficient army of deadly robots — finding the truth behind this so-called ‘utopia’.
Two Point Campus: Top Of The Class, But Shy Of Full Marks
For a game that puts you in charge of making a university run like clockwork, Two Point Campus does a surprisingly good job at portraying actual university life. A campus full of nerds, clowns, and posh people, with everyone manically running from classes...
Road 96: A Powerful Story On The Road Less Travelled
If your nation’s government is broken, is it your responsibility to try and fix it? If you want reform, is it better to rely on a placard or a polling booth? And how much are you willing to risk helping a stranger? These are a few of the questions Road...
Civilization VI: Why do I miss Civilization V?
Civilisation VI is everything I wanted it to be, its deep systems make every turn important, the DLC stays true to the franchise while fundamentally changing the game, and it made me briefly forget that Beyond Earth was the previous instalment in the...