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Resident Evil 4 Remake - Stranger, stranger, now that’s a remake!

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Stranger, stranger, now that’s a remake!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Saffron Taylor

Stranger, stranger, now that’s a remake!

It’s been a little while now since the Resident Evil 4 remake came out, and today I will be sharing my own thoughts on it. As an avid lover of the original Resident Evil 4, I, like many others, didn’t think it needed a remake. However, I’m incredibly glad we got one in the end.

We follow former rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, 6 years after the Raccoon City incident, where he is tasked with saving the president’s daughter. Though, not without fighting hordes of grotesque enemies along the way. This is a remake of the beloved Resident Evil 4, released in 2005 – the first of the franchise to introduce over-the-shoulder third-person gameplay and adopted a much less serious tone. It brought more action into the series and completely changed how the franchise became what it is today. It ended up being the fan-favourite for many, and this remake has certainly achieved the same praise. It takes on a darker look and tone, but the campy humour is definitely not missing. Leon has more cheesy one-liners than ever before, and classic lines such as “Where’s everyone going? Bingo?” are still there.

The three main areas of this game are as follows: a drab, run-down village, a grandiose castle that makes you wish you never even left the village, and lastly, a murky yet high-tech island. It’s quite a long game depending on if you really take the time to explore everything (my first playthrough was 18 hours!) but you will never get bored. Returning gameplay elements include finding treasures to sell to the merchant and upgrading your weapons with the Pesetas you earn, the shooting range which is now pirate themed, and you get charms that actually add useful perks instead of just decorative bottlecaps. Some new features include collecting ‘Clockwork Castellans’, which are small figurines of the original Ramón Salazar model, and you must shoot 16 of them to get a special item – much like the Mr Raccoons and Charlie Dolls from the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

Certain characters make their return and are revamped for the better. Ashley Graham is more helpful and down to earth, and the Merchant is pretty much the same but has more unique lines than he previously did. Luis Sera and Jack Krauser both get more backstory and interaction with Leon to flesh them out and make them less one-dimensional, and that really adds to the game. Ada Wong also makes a return but she’s still as mysterious as ever.

I truly loved this remake, it’s both familiar and yet different enough to the original counterpart that they feel like two different games, and that’s not a bad thing. I can’t choose which I like better but they’re just as amazing as each other. Something I loved about this remake in particular was that Capcom noticed areas that original players would be used to (like the clock tower in the village) and then they surprised you by changing those areas and making them no longer safe. It really made things more tense, and you have to strategise differently, keeping the gameplay more interesting. Enemies are more aggressive, have added movement and have slightly smarter AI to make them even scarier than you may have been anticipating (particularly when you first start). Only a few sections were cut or combined with other sections to make the game more streamlined, and it works.

Overall, I give this game a 9.5/10. There are only some slight changes that kept it from being a 10 to me personally, but I still really loved it and can’t wait to replay it to complete all the challenges! I also recommend playing The Mercenaries DLC. It’s much easier than all the other Mercenaries modes in the series. I don’t mind, since I was never good at them, but now I can finally feel somewhat accomplished in life with my S ranks.

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Resident Evil 4 is available on next-gen consoles, digital and disc for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, RRP £54.99.

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