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Two Point Campus - Build Your Own University!

Two Point Campus - Build Your Own University!

Three words: Two. Point. Campus. I’m already obsessed with this series. Having previously played its predecessor Two Point Hospital, I just HAD to pick this next game up. If you aren’t familiar, these are management games where you build your own hospitals (Two Point Hospital) or university campuses in the game I’m talking about today: Two Point Campus. Two Point Hospital is essentially a remake of the classic Theme Hospital that has the same British humour, fun gameplay, and sometimes frustrating levels. Campus is their newest addition and it’s just as wacky and exciting to play.

Two Point Campus takes most of the same mechanics that Two Point Hospital has like building rooms, decorating, managing staff, and racing to keep everyone happy. Take all of that and add it into universities, then instead of managing frantic patients with doctors and nurses, you are managing frantic students and teachers. This series doesn’t like to do standard – in this game you don’t have subjects like English or Maths. You have Virtual Reality, Robotics and even Potions classes! Yes, there is a magic school level and even a ruins level where you can study Archaeology.

I’ve been seriously addicted as of late. I’m trading sleep for campus building and wishing real life had wizard duels and “Cheeseball” matches. The levels get more difficult as you go and involve elements such as needing to put down a million radiators in cold areas or fill campuses up with air conditioners in hot levels. The more you play, the more rooms you need to build like Medical Offices and Pastoral Care. In some levels you have all your money handed to you or only a small amount and you have to take out three lots of loans – sometimes that’s not even enough!

Comparing this game to its predecessor, I think Hospital is a bit better. I could be biased as an avid Theme Hospital fan when I was young, but there’s something about it that just doesn’t hit me the same. However, I still think it’s great and highly creative and you don’t have the stress of patients dying every two minutes. At the worst, a few students will fail or drop out. Something they did do better is training – it’s faster, easier and I don’t have to hog multiple staff whilst people are waiting for them. 

Overall, I give this game a 9/10. Like I said – it’s great fun but something just isn’t sparking for me for it to be a 10. If you love management games and haven’t picked this up, I highly recommend it! You’ll spend hours trying to craft the perfect dormitory and pulling your hair out over your favourite student repeatedly saying they’ll soon drop out but then feeling satisfied once you’ve managed to fulfill all their wishes by the end of the semester. You also get taught a bit of balance. What rooms matter the most instead of building everything at once and spending your entire allowance? If you’re looking for something both relaxing and challenging, then pick up Two Point Campus today. Happy building!


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